Veritas Christian Academy

Veritas Christian Academy seeks to train the minds, develop the Christian character and enrich the spiritual lives of its students through quality academic programs. Its purpose is to glorify God by teaching a Biblical worldview of life in a Christ-centered environment. 2 Corinthians 10:5

In order to impact as many students as possible, Veritas provides tuition assistance to families who do not have the ability to pay the full tuition. The goal for this year's RaiseUP Giving Day is to raise $15,000 towards the Opportunity Fund. To encourage the community to support this event a matching fund challenge has been presented, so every $1 donated on September 26th, will automatically be doubled, up to $15,000.

We humbly ask you to donate to this very worthy program, so we may take full advantage of the matching funds and raise a total of $30,000. Partner with us so we may bless our brothers and sisters in Christ, by enabling them to have their children in a Christ centered environment, learning to think Biblically.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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Address: 385 Houses Corner Road
Sparta, NJ 07871
Phone Number: 973-579-6333
Matching Funds Available: $15,000
Veritas Christian Academy is a Christian high school serving northwest New Jersey and the surrounding regions. We chose the name Veritas because it is Latin for truth, Christian to signify that Christ is at the center of our education, and Academy because we are committed to excellence in our academics. Because children spend the majority of their waking hours at school, teachers and fellow students play a major role in shaping how students develop their worldview. At Veritas, this influence is anchored in Christian values.

At Veritas, we envision a whole new generation of parents who have a conviction about discipling their children with God's glory in mind-- understanding that it is a three-fold process incorporating the church, the home, and the school. Just think about how much could be accomplished if we, as mentors, were all working toward the same goal. We see a whole new generation of young adults entering their vocations who have been trained in wisdom, truth and a strong faith.

Please pray for Veritas Christian Academy and its leaders. Although prayer is often overlooked in today's world, we believe in the power of prayer.